Reply To: Samick A-27 (Suzuki A-27)

Alan Brinton

Once outer screws are removed, the end pieces come off without too much trouble, and the keyboard slides easily out of its metal tray.

Fit and finish issues. Now, at this stage, I ran into difficulties. All four bolts securing the reed chamber cover were too tight. I suspect that this was how it came from the factory rather than the work of a previous owner. Each of the main screwhead bolts engages a plastic receptacle that slides into the bottom of the reed chamber, underneath the reed plates. Two of these had become stripped, and the only way to remove the screws was to carefully drill them out. I was able to replace the one on the end with a small nut. I had to remove a reed plate and four keys to extract the other receptacle, and there was not reasonable approach to replacing it. So I filled the holes with a hardening gasket maker and hoped three bolts would suffice. After reassembly was completed, leakage was reduced to a tolerable level, though not to the level of most vintage Suzukis and Yamahas.

Drilling out the two problem bolts destroyed the plastic posts through which they were inserted.

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