Reply To: Material test on Yamaha P37D


Great experiment Ofir. And nice choice of wood 🙂

There’s a distinct difference in sound here. I agree, this may be the way to benefit from the sound of wood without touching the air chamber.

I wonder what would happen if you added more wood?

And what happens when the wood is added to change the sound? Hopefully there’s some scientific people here. It sounds like the wood has absorbed some higher frequencies and mellowed out the sound. It’s also changed the shape of the internal cavity of the case which has caused an increase in volume. Have you noticed any spikes in volume or tone across the whole range of the keyboard since adding the wood?

Alan, concertina and accordino makers often use leather for this very effect. Perhaps just coating 1 or 2 sides of each chamber would have an effect without reducing the space too much?

What happened with your Yamaha wooden case? Wasn’t your carpenter friend going to make one out of a solid piece of timber?

I’m currently building a wooden case to house a P32D out of plywood to see what sort of effect that has on the sound. It would be great to compare with your findings!

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