Reply To: Gold Standard for Blues Melodica


So while I have developed many of these harp-based expressive techniques on HM-26/27/32, the real trick is to execute them in a refined way, integrate them together, and execute them in real time at the speed at which songs move.

I figure it will take about another year of practice to get really proficient at it, particularly executing the techniques newest to me. I am getting there and will post a recording as soon as I can.

Quick note: There is lots of microphone positioning involved, which makes playing very dynamic. The mic comes in at chest level from the 9:00 o’clock position. Sometimes the mic must be at the side of the melodica, which is pressed against my chest or being flung around, sometimes I squish the mic between the back of the melodica and my chest (big foam windscreen on mic), and sometimes the top of the melodica is tipped out from the chest and the mic must be near the space between my neck and the melodica. Lots of movement. I have to use a short tube whether I like it or not to be able to move the melodica around while keep my head up straight. I am still figuring out if/when/how to move the mic quickly to different positions. Maybe I must move more to accommodate the mic. Not sure yet.


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