Reply To: Trying out the Hohner Shop

Alan Brinton

I’m curious about leakage on the 926/927, Lowboy. I have two of the former and one of the latter, and these have almost no leakage in comparison with, say, a Piano 36. Did yours leak when you got them? I haven’t tried tuning them. Is there some reason it”s more challenging than tuning other melodicas?

Since there are so many of those great old first Piano 26/27s out there in reasonably good shape and at reasonable prices, just replacing them seems like the best option.

Melodica-Me is the guy here who really is on top of leakage issues and gasket replacement. Maybe he could do a “workshop” type thread or something on this, something more systematic than what he’s already been doing in the helpful comments he has sprinkled around on this?

For tuning, some Melodica World members are taking a more sophisticated approach, but it doesn’t take much to shape up individual keys that are noticeably out of tune, which some regular schmuck like me can do.I have to wonder if the Hohner Shop tuning can be expected to go beyond that. In other words to go beyond what you get in a new melodica’s factory tuning from Hohner, Yamaha, or Suzuki. I’ll be interested in what kind of results you’ll get on one of the Hohner Shop’s tuning jobs.

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