Reply To: Where did you come to melodica from? What were your expectations?


I’m from a piano background. Piano’s all about playing the whole thing on one instrument – the bass, guitar, vocals, harmonies and string section! As a composer I’ve become more interested in minimal music, and solo melodies. Melodies sound a bit plain on a solo piano.

So the melodica serves as an expressive melody machine which I can take places to join with other melody players.

I first discovered the accordina, while at music college, and spent a while learning that while I should’ve been studying other things. But I realised I’d never have the confidence I have with the piano style keyboard I’ve grown up. I swapped to Vibrandoneon and Clavietta, which I use in recordings quite a lot, as they mix well with conventional instruments.

I then went through a period of exploring every melodica, determined to find the one which ticks all the boxes…

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