Reply To: Tuning a Suzuki Andes recorder melodica.


Hi Gerard,
I’m thinking of buying a Suzuki Andes 25F panflute with piano keyboard.
I have watched some YouTube videos, and it sounds great. I think an amateur can pick it up and play it after a few minutes.
No need to train embouchure for years or to train those lip muscles.
No difficult study of a Böhm flute key system, just follow the piano layout.

I have read there are just some minor intonation issues in the (very) high notes because the pipes are so short in a pan flute.

Having a 3 row CBA accordina, I also started dreaming of a 3 row CBA layout Suzuki Andes panflute…
If a piano keyboard can be attached to a panflute , so can a 3 row button keyboard.

One could also image to experiment with different mouthpieces in a Suzuki Andes 25F (the actual, and then experiment with wood recorder mouthpieces, or clarinet or saxophone mouth pieces with 1 wooden reed, and try the different sound effects)

Why not creating clarinet or saxophone 25 “pipes” in a row with a piano keyboard attached to it?

After all, I read in Curt Sachs book “Handbuch der Musikinstrumente” that in 1860 must have existed a “Klavierkontrafagott”, a low register fagotto with a 2 octaves piano keyboard.
In the middle ages, portable organs or portatives have existed with little organ pipes, a “piano” keyboard and a bellows actioned by the left hand.

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