Reply To: Questions about price for Hohner Melodica Piano 36

Alan Brinton

Welcome, gary. You might be able to sell it here. How air tight is it? What happens when you blow into it with no keys depressed and the spit valve tightly screwed on? It’s often a crap shoot buying a Piano 36 on eBay or other auction sites. I bought one for $100+ and another one for $12.50 to use for parts, and the $12.50 one turned out to be the real keeper. If you link some photos here and provide a more detailed description of its condition, someone might be interested. The place for that would be the Members’ trade and swap forum. Much smaller pool of potential buyers here, but people who are knowledgeable about the value of a Piano 36 and familiar with its issues. Also, there are three (I think that’s right) slightly different versions, as well as a couple of more valuable 1960s 36 key Hohners.

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