Reply To: My new Pro36


Thank you all!
Daren, I send an email to Martin, and I hope that he can assist.

Alan, I guess that phosphor bronze is the material used for modern high-end reeds (i.e. my Yamaha).
Considering the silver color (not golden) of the original pro36 reeds, these are probably not made of phosphor bronze. Therefore, I wonder if it will produce the same sound character with the rest of the reeds.

Melodica-Me, I’d love it if you can confirm.
Another idea I had is to put a thin layer of lacquer on the wood and metal parts that touches the gasket. I believe that it will enhance the ability of the non-gasket surface to block air.

Finally Adam, sure it does! It came to work, and for that I cannot compromise on its shape. 🙂

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