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As for the missing gasket, there are gaskets on all 4 sides (of this 3d bended rectangle) of the air chamber. However, it seems to be old and very thin. When claiming that there is, I’m focusing on the lines below the screws on the long edge, and on the bended lines on the top / bottom of the keyboard range.
Melodica-Me, if I misunderstood the location you spotted, please correct me.
Also, can you please link me to a preferred type of window gasket to use?

As for the rusty reed, Alan is right and it is the accordion reed that was replaced. Following Adam’s posts in this forum I go back to as early as the end of 2014 as the time of the fix. I have a strong reasons to believe that it was rusty before it was installed:
1. No rust can develop that aggressively on less than 6 months, unless it was stored INSIDE the ocean.
2. There is added material on the reed (I believe that the repairman added it) to match the pitch; this added material COVERS the rust. This reed seems like a sloppy job of the repairman.

Should I worry about this (pre-installed) rust affecting the rest of the materials in it? I don’t think that this actual reed can get more rusty, therefore I’m not sure if I worry for it.

As for the year, I was also surprised to find 52 and not 62. Yesterday evening with artificial light it did look like a solid 5, with the straight lines on the left and on top. This morning, using natural light, it has just became 10 years younger..

Finally, a pic of the beauty (credited to Adam).

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