Reply To: A new piano and melodica video


Lowboy, this is a great classification of the melodica between the harmonica and the accordion, technically as well as historically.

“We should note that in the hands of an expert player, the melodica can at least approach the expressiveness of the accordion and produce beautiful music.” I’d even say that it can be superior in expressivity due to the fact that you can add the advantages of blowing to your playing.

“When you listen to Quetscher’s Godfather Theme, the last verse with note bending just comes alive compared to the previous verses.” I’d only half agree with that because what made the last verse more animated than the others (bending plus a more jazzy articulation) will not suit each kind of music. You can for for example bring a tango to life with many techniques I used in the verses before, but bendings or jazzy articulation would kill the effect of hardness or harshness you need in tango.

“If Daren can combine the beautiful tone of the high-end melodicas and the expressive capability of my two-bit Hohners (said with great affection), then that is a melodica that could change the history of the melodica.” But no pressure, Daren!!!

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