Reply To: My dream melodica


First of all I’d like to make clear my point of view: the melodica is BOTH a keyboard and a wind instrument – I didn’t want to put MORE focus on the wind instrument side, I simply wanted to avoid this side to be neglected, The strength of the melodica is not that it is a better keyboard instrument than others (I would always prefer the accordion to a melodica) and it’s not that it’s a better wind instrument (nearly most wind instruments are much more flexible), its real strength is the combination of both. So let’s work on both aspects!

Second: as we talk of “dream” melodicas, I’d say it’s allowed to dream of everything! I’m looking forward to seeing which ideas will come true, but for now I like each idea that occurs!

Third: if there is a way to ease bendings (BTW, Lowboy, thanks a lot for your remarks about bendings!) and modify sound in an instrument that is constructed melodica-style, I’d be glad! It’s not that I prefer accordion-style instruments to melodica-style instruments, I simply didn’t see the solutions to certain problems in melodica-style construction by now

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