Reply To: My dream melodica


Lots of interest in wah wah capabilities then! I have an original accordion which has sprung sides which can be manipulated to produce a change of tone. I don’t really use it though, because the change in timbre isn’t as dramatic as you’d get in a harmonica. But definitely something to consider while designing.

I’m still interested in focusing on a simple robust melodica with top quality sound as the main priority. I’m not sure anyone’s successfully achieved that yet. Any extra features will ultimately add to more bulk, weight, and the potential of more things going wrong.

Shannon, I like the idea of interchangeable reeds, to change character, or even to change from an alto to a soprano range. Or maybe it’s simpler to just have a range of instruments?

Alan, a metal tray would certainly add to the robustness. I’m going to experiment with wood first, because I want to get a real feel for what different timbers add to the sound.

MM, I’ve though more about the magnets, ( and they’re just too complicated for now. I’ve got to stay focused! Simple, beautiful, compact, robust 🙂

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