Reply To: Hohner 36 N melodica microphone on ebay 18hrs to go


Thank you, Melodica-Me!
I still need to get my new instrument (The Aussie post seems lazy these days..) before starting to look for a pickup for it, but yet I was interested (intellectually) and you supplied an answer beyond my needs.

I’m sure that I will check Myers pickups and SanAmp DI, as I well appreciate the opportunity of setting up my sound by myself. On many of my concerts I don’t really have a way of getting the sound of the PA, as only the monitors are audible on stage. (and if I ask someone else to play while I’m listening, it will be a different player, hence a different sound..)

Also, I really appreciate the last note of trying to math my taste. Using your vast experience, I’m sure that I can get useful inputs from you on how to design my sound. Thanks!

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