Reply To: Hohner 36 N melodica microphone on ebay 18hrs to go


Ofir, unfortunately the N-36 is made for the Hohner Piano 36 and will not work with the Professional 36. The N-36 captures the sound from above and back of the keys. The Professional 36 sound comes from the edge/side from the sound hole vents. Also it is a high impedance mic pick up, it works good for blues on a standard guitar amplifier with the Hohner Piano 36 but feed back is a big issue. If you want a pick up for your Professional 36 go to I have a couple and they work great. Of course a good microphone is always good and easier to come by I personally like the Sennheiser 421 for a nice round bottom end with nice mids and highs My personal choice that works for me. The advantage of the Myers Pickup is that it has a volume control that you control and don’t have to be stuck in front of a microphone. I plug my pick up into a SanAmp Para Driver D.I box. This D.I. allows the user to EQ before it goes to the main house system and it also boost your pick up volume. A very nice D.I. with a great pick up will give you more control over the sound you want to hear than letting your sound be controlled by an engineer that does not know or understand your specific needs. Not That an engineer cant find what you want but when on stage and you want to change it up, you can do it your self. Just a though


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