Reply To: A new piano and melodica video


I’m sorry Ofir, but in my opinion you are mixing things up. You won’t change the GENERAL sound of an instrument by playing it with different techniques. This will only VARY the sound but never change its general sound. You may be skilled enough to make your Blüthner sound hollow, bright, mellow aso., but you will NEVER make it sound like a Steinway as I will never make my Piano 36 sound like a MyLodica. Even in the recording I posted yesterday you can hear that it is seven times a Vibrandoneon whose sound is modified, but the general character of the Vibrandoneon sound stays the same due to the construction and the materials used in the instrument. Of course I would not play several pianos in one concert, simply due to practical reasons, but why not play several different sounding melodicas (and I repeat: this has NOTHING to do with skills or playing techniques but simply with the fact that different melodicas DO sound differently)? And yes, this reply stays the same no matter if I’m talking about my Vibrandoneon or my Angel Melodyhorn.

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