Reply To: A new piano and melodica video

Alan Brinton

Isn’t that exactly what Quetscher and Lowboy were just talking about, the possibilities for getting different sounds from the same instrument?

There’s one issue that we haven’t been addressing, though, that’s relevant to the discussion in relation to comparing the Melodica to, say, a trumpet. Would we be agreed in the opinion that the melodica is simply a more limited musical instrument than a trumpet or a saxophone or a violin? It certainly is easier to play a nice sounding melody on your average melodica. This could cut either way with regard to whether more than one melodica is necessary.

Wouldn’t we agree that there are sound range differences among melodicas? If so, might not a versatile player (which, sadly, wouldn’t be me) find that different melodicas (sound ranges) would be desirable in different contexts?

To me, melodicas are aesthetic objects that I enjoy handling, inspecting, and comparing. So there’s a different reason for collecting and playing them. And, no, I certainly wouldn’t be doing this if their prices ran in the thousands of dollars.

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