Reply To: Keyboard harmonica: accordion style vs. melodica style


Quetscher, The best feature in the Vibrandoneon is that it has two separate reed chambers that give you (3) different sounds. As Daren wrote it is a great instrument for classical music and in my opinion for jazz as well, as I have used it in several recordings. Even though it is by far the best instrument of its kind made not to mention the most expensive, I still need to seek other melodicas depending on the style of the music. Since the future of the New Vibrandoneon from Ballone Burini is unknown, there is know way of knowing what features will be available and if any special configurations can be ordered that may help eliminate the need for many different Melodicas, especially in the blow in on one set of reeds and suck out at a different set of reed configuration and how the chambers will be controlled. or if can be ordered with different types of reeds for each chamber? My savings has grown but my patience has not. I also hope it comes in the hard lux case and not a soft case as I have seen on the Eolina. I bought my Vibrandoneon VB600PMK 2 registers about 10 years ago paid a little over $3,000.00 with vat and shipping. I would assume that the new one will be at least that if not higher. Have you had any luck with your friends there?

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