Reply To: A new piano and melodica video


Boy do I have a lot to say about the recent discussions on finding the right sound and right melodica or melodicas, and how they fit into various genres. However, I will leave a short comment for now as I am leaving in a bit to jam with an acoustic bass player, female acoustic guitarist/vocalist, and a cajon player to play Bohemian folk music. I know the melodicas will fit right in!

One can be everything to everyone and have a number of styles of melodicas and effects such as as Melodica-Me. This enables great versatility to play many types of music in many types of soundscapes with many options available for a given musical situation. Or like myself, one can look for a narrower, specialized sound and be limited in the playing opportunities (but maybe have an instantaneously recognizable sound with the benefits that can bring). I really only plan on playing blues and roots music (maybe some reggae), so I can afford to focus on a distinct sound that fits my genre and soundscapes perfectly.

The example that comes to mind is BB King. One note . . . one note is all you need to hear to know it is BB King. He has perfected his marketing plan! He has been using essentially the same 20 signature riffs and same distinct sound for 50 years. Some people think this is good. Some think it is bad.

Woops. I have to go. More on this later.


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