Reply To: A new piano and melodica video


Many of you described my ‘one-size-fit-all’ term in a better way than I did. For MY purpose, obviously, not for everyone’s. But it’s neither that small set of needs as one (who heard just one of my pieces..) may think.

Melodica-Me, I think that you may underestimate the ability of a good pianist to get different results from the same good piano. This is why most of my concerts are played on a Steinway concert grand, as this is by far the most versatile piano. This is why it’s the most requested piano among professional technical riders. It’s an instrument that a good pianist can shape for his needs by the tip of his fingers. So yes – obviously not all the pianos are equal. But the good ones make the musician out of them, not the instrument.

Alan, When referring to different guitars, it’s mostly no longer acoustic. Almost every guitar player that I know works with some chain of effects, and here we quit the discussion of acoustic qualities. Furthermore, keyboards (which I also use for some projects) won’t qualify for this discussion at all..
That said, I know some guitar players which are very focused in their chain of effects, and do whatever they can into master the chain for each piece. However, I’m a big believer of developing an intimate relationship with the instrument ([4688] Banarse at al.), and getting everything acoustically.

Daren, you may be right about your last claim, as you are well in this field. However, if the ‘Steinway’ of melodicas hasn’t been produced yet, I really doubt it that we’re facing a melodica renaissance which allows this new guys to pop up. Perhaps bringing the best candidate available these days to top stages can change that, I’ll try. Or your 3D printer..

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