Reply To: A new piano and melodica video

Daren Banarsë

I seem to agree with both MM and Ofir here. Like Ofir, I’ve been searching for a melodica which I can say I’m happy with, that I can use in any genre. Ideally I’d have one instrument which i could develop a relationship with and get to know intimately, over many years. I hope there’s no psychotherapists reading this!

But I’ve found myself picking different melodicas for different styles and moods. A clavietta with a vintage ribbon mic and specific eq sounds lovely with a string orchestra. A Yamaha Pianica sounds great for Irish music, and I find the uniformity of a Vibrandoneon suits classical music.

Having said this, perhaps like Ofir, I firmly believe that there is the potential for a high quality melodica out there which will fulfil all my musical needs. I just don’t think anyones made it yet!

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