Reply To: Guerrini Melodica Vintage

Alan Brinton

I hadn’t guessed about the Pionatto. I’m excited that you got it and am sorry for running up the price. I’ll be greatly interested in your assessment when you get it. Especially if and when you take it apart and see what the reeds are like, and also how much it is like or unlike the original Hohner Piano 26.

If you’re bidding on something and let me know, you or anyone else for that matter, I won’t try to outbid you. I have been playing and comparing all three versions of the Piano 26/27 recently.

I have two Claviettas, mainly because they were inexpensive and I had in mind your advice that it would probably take one playable Clavietta and another for parts. I like the sound of the one that plays, but it does need work and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to working on it, given that I’m working on several projects. But if it looks like I won’t, I’ll make them available.

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