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Hey Alan, just to let you know, I may be a bigger schmuck for buying the Pionatto last week. You probably guessed that I bought it because….wait for it…. is says on the back “MADE IN ITALY” woo-hoooooo, ah-no. I bought it because I noticed it has sound holes on the back sides of the keys. I am hoping sound can be manipulated via those holes and that it hopefully has somewhat of a decent tone. As I have mentioned before, I don’t really like melodicas with little keys, simply because my fingers are just to big and long for the spacing. I do like the tone I have heard on some of those Hohners so you never know. Also while money was pouring out of my pocket last week, I also purchased the ugly 25 note Rasta looking Clavietta that was up on Ebay last week as well to round out my Clavietta collection. BUT that one will need some serious restoration work. I don’t recommend anyone buying these unless you are really dead set on spending time and money on them. I guess I am prepping myself for retirement like you Alan LOL
Monsters of Melodica.

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