Reply To: Hammond 44 Hyper vs Vibrandoneon


Jerry, I try not to use my Vibrandoneon to much as well. I have broken a couple of reeds and every time my repair guy has to make them so I tend to use the Hammond Hyper a lot more, to me its the closes to that Vibrandoneon timbre, but it does not sound like a Vibrandoneon nor feel like one. I would prefer to use the Clavietta but its just not loud enough and the keyboard is limited. The Hammond Hyper has worked out great for me. It has a much faster key response and the air chamber is by far tighter. The larger keyboard is a big plus for me. I purchased a set of reeds for it a few months back, about $75.00 plus shipping. I also ordered the gasket for $5 bucks at the same time just incase.
I think you will like it for backup or just to use in general.

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