Reply To: Review of Fender Amp


Hello Jerry, I have a Fender Acoustasonic Jr. amplifier I use with my Vibrandoneon which sounds good, I mainly use it for practice now and then. It is not the same as the bigger unit so I cannot compare. The issue I have with the Fender Acoustasonic Jr. was that though it sounded good with the Vibrandoneon, it did not lend itself to the Hammond 44 and my Hohner melodicas (tone wise) even after making several adjustments. It did work well with Hammond 44 Hyper which has a similar sound as my Vibandoneon. I was looking for an amplifier that I could use with several melodicas so not to carry my Traynor K4 amp (keyboard Amp) that works well with everything just to damn heavy for this old guy (lol) for most small gigs. I don’t mind taking several amplifiers when they send a cartage company (recording). I record with and without amplifiers depending on the sound needed. As you mentioned, normally a guitar amplifier does not work well with an acoustic instrument. But depending on the processor and pickup they can work well. By the way I use a SansAmp Para driver EQ DI box that I take when a house system is provided that works well with my Pedal board and my Myers Pick up for my Vibrandoneon and Hohner Pro.
I also have a old Magnatone 421 that works great with the Hohner Melodicas and the Hammond 44 but thats about it, not enough tone adjustments for any of the brighter melodicas.


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