Reply To: Hohner Silvertone made in Italy?

martin maurer

Hello Alan and Adam,

did you succeed in repairing that Silvertone of Adam ?
If not – I could do it. I own the following Silvertone, with single bronze-reeds, which I repaired successfully:

It is identical with Adams, only other mouth piece, and lesser notes…

On my opinion, the green seal is a good solution for easy reopening and reclosing the instrument – it is not glued, but may SEEM and appear glued by dried moisture…When closing the instrument, the central block must be moved and forced towards the top, because there is the second joint of the mouthpiece channel. This joint (grey, 3mm thick) needs some pressure whilst tightening the bottom brass screws, for air tightness. While repairing and tuning my Orgamonica, I had to open and recluse it many times…and it is still tight !

The sound is similar to ordinary melodicas with 12 brass reeds octave plates – but stronger I guess.
(I will add a mp3 to my site)

Best regards from

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