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Hello Lowboy, amp is working out good but what would be of major concern for you is the proper tone for the melodica you will primarily be using and then the second then third melodica. This was my biggest problem I had in choosing the right amp. lets speak Fender tube amp “Delux Reverb” tone wise the Hammond 44, Hammond Hyper and the Hammond soprano all work great with pedals I do not use the reverb as I use my Electro Harmonic “Cathedral” pedal as my choice for that. When I use my Vibrandoneon I actuall use the Fender tank reverb which I feel is much warmer and works best for the Vibrandoneon. For my Hohner Melodicas I really like my Magnatone amp but it needs to get mic’ed because there is nowhere near the power to fill a small room and get enough volume to use as a monitor. I have considered getting a new Magnatone but they are really expensive, one with the right amount of power starts at 3k but the tone is probably the best out there. My vibrandoneon likes the Fender Acoustic Junior too, but again not even close to the power needed. It is light and no tubes to go down. Not a good amp for the Hohner’s. I think for you a either the Fender Princeton or Delux would sound great with your blues sound Melodica’s. One thing that I do not like is that the tubes for the vibrato on my fender has already gone bad so I have a new set ready for when I need to use the amp. I took the tubes off the first Chanel to save them. Reverb tube is staring to go as well. This is the never ending tube dilemma with any tube amp. My Delux has enough power for a small room so I am happy with that. I really could have gone with the Princeton because with a mic it would not have made enough difference, plus it’s smaller, consider a speaker upgrade (Celestion) much nicer in my opinion for melodica. I would try to find a small guitar shop that would let you try the amp. Tone tone tone, only you will know what will work for you. The Fender FSR “Fender Special Run” come with a speaker upgrade. Good luck buddy

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