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I also did a comparison recording, dry with a high quality mic, of the Yamaha P32D and Hohner Piano 36 some months ago and published it on this website. I can’t seem to find it now. However, here is a comparison recording, with effects, of the Yamaha P32D, Hohner Piano 36, and two other melodicas. You don’t really hear the the wide sound variation between the melodicas because I was trying to see how they responded to effects and my EQ settings.

The link for the recording is below. Notes on the recording:

“For comparison, here is the sound of four melodicas I played to a jazzy blues backing track using a clean sound for the most part. I am using a Shure Green Bullet mic and going through a premium MXR bass compressor pedal, a Lone Wolf Blues Company (LWBC) Harp Delay pedal, and a LWBC Harp Break Pedal to enhance the bass (not using the distortion feature of the pedal). This setup minimizes the difference between the sounds of the melodicas. The delay removes a lot of high harmonics, making the melodica sound more like a harp and rounding out the sound.

Times are approximate:
0 to 1:05 = Suzuki A-34C
1:05 to 2:05 = Yamaha P-32D
2:05 to 3:05 = Hohner Piano 36
3:30 to 5:35 = Hohner Piano 27 (HM27)

Backing track was hosted by: Nice work by the musicians and the website for posting it with permission to use it in non-commercial settings.”



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