Reply To: Melodica reeds – harmonica or accordion style?


Hi Ofir,

I was being funny. But, the comparison is valid if you are familiar with the instruments and the cars.

I own three Hohner Piano 36s and one P32D and two P25Fs. I gave one my other P32Ds away. The P32D and P37D are identical except for the extra keys.

Somewhere months ago I did a comparison. Can’t find it now.

The Yamaha P37D is a new Honda Accord: Precise design. Precision manufactured. Modern materials. Ultra responsive. Light. Controlled sound. You know that because you own one.

The Hohner Piano 36 is a 1966 Cadillac with 120,000 miles on it: Pre-CAD design with looser tolerances. Manufacture with minimal automation (ever one was different). 1960s materials. Sloppy keys, slower response to playing. Heavy. Wild, bright, loud sound with tons of harmonics.



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