Reply To: Guerrini Melodica Vintage

Alan Brinton

Hello Daniel. I have been collecting vintage melodicas. I have seen smaller Italian made Guerrini toy melodicas for children advertised. This model looks more interesting. It is obviously inspired by the early 1960s Hohner Piano HM-926, which is a very good melodica. Guerrini is one of several companies in Italy, Czechoslovakia, and other European countries that started making melodicas in the mid-1960s or so. The case for this one looks more recent, but it’s hard to tell. What it is worth is a matter of what someone will pay for it (for example what they will bid on eBay). Except for the Clavietta and the early Hohner 36 key melodicas, vintage melodicas usually sell for under $100. Actually, most sell for under $50. If I knew that it plays well and does not leak air, I might bid more than that for this Guerrini because of its uniqueness. It is an attractive looking instrument.

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