Reply To: Yamaha 32 (vintage)

Adam Tombs

So here are a few more pics of my Yamaha Pianica 32. It came a little beat up in the post thanks to the seller not packing it correctly. I replaced one of the screws that had apparently come loose and dissapeared and tightened the remaining screws. I would say it has had very little use, the keys in the most commonly played space (the middle range) are looser and less stiff to play than either bass or treble ends of the keyboard. Sound is fantastic, loud, stable and in tune with a lot of room for using expression.

The keys do stick and it has nothing to do with lack of lubrication… I lubricated where it would seem to need it with silicon lube (in tiny modest amounts). It’s the first Yamaha melodica I have owned and it certainly lives up to all the positive reviews of the Yamaha melodicas I have read on this site.

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