Reply To: Hohner Pro 36 on Ebay, seemingly perfect condition

Adam Tombs

I also had a look at the Pro 36 you guys are talking about. I watch carefully for Pro 36’s when they pop up on ebay and I can confidently state that 500 to 600 US$ is about right for what they are worth in good condition, not much getting around it…. That said, my Pro 36 cost me abut $US100 but it did need another $100 or so to repair it’s broken reed and a bit of a tune and tweak by a professional accordian repairer. I was pretty chuffed to get a functioning Pro 36 for that kind of money. As a tip, I used different search terms and actually found it under ‘vintage hohner keyboard’ search terms, the seller was a German person.

It’s a bit of a gamble shopping for things like a Pro 36, especially when prices tip the $500 mark. However, if we compare this to the prices paid for a vintage Martin guitar or a mid ranged collectible guitar, then $500 is a bargain.

Melodica-Me has done it all before so I follow his posts intently when it comes to all things Hohner Pro 36, soloist etc

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