Reply To: Hohner Pro 36 on Ebay, seemingly perfect condition


Alan, here is my take, I see a Pro 36 or any melodica I am interested in on Ebay, I really look at it good, lettering is all there, no nick, chips, no scratches, keys are all even, no yellowing, strap is nice, case is good, mouth piece looks good. I will bid up to $300.00 (Pro-36) because I may have to send it out for leaks and tuning for a possible $100.00 to have it working perfect. I hold it and sell it to someone that comes to me looking for a Pro 36 and knows what they are looking for and sell it for $500-$550. I have seen a few really almost perfect Pro 36 melodicas on Ebay that have sold for a lot of money and yes I have seen a lot of Pro 36 that looked like train wrecks that have sold for more than I would ever pay. As long as they are hard to come by price will never be an issue to that one person who really wants one. OK so its now $513.90 with 20 min. to go, it is a nice looking Pro-36 Good luck bidding


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