Reply To: Yamaha P37D and generic melodicas


Hi Alan,
It doesn’t say pianica or place of manufacture or even a set of numbers.
Strangely generic?
I used the Wayback Machine website to find a shot of the page I ordered it from at or near that time:

This seems to be from 2003.

It’s the model they have listed as: GL-37
If you can view the page you will note Yamaha and Suzuki aren’t listed by name and at that time I had never seen them in stores or on other websites?

I wasn’t trying to indicate that the price was a badge of quality, but rather note that it was equal in price to the Yamaha.
I believe at the time that looks and sounds professional was a draw for me after some discussion with the late Mr. Hegman.

When I received my P37D years later I was struck by it’s similarity.

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