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So here you go, the mythical Hohner Solist. After taking my time to open up the Solist I did not find a date on the gasket as I did on the Professional 36. But quite different from the Professional 36. The Solist is a bit more refined than the Professional 36, the back panel is split in the center where as the Pro 36 is one piece. This allowing the air chamber to be opened without taking the entire Melodica apart. The end caps on the Professional 36 are wood where the Solist are hard plastic possibly ABS. The air the Handel is wider and softer on the Solist than on the Pro 36. Where all other Hohner Melodicas the logo and the model are painted on the body the Solist has more of a badge (acrylic) to be exact that is attached to the body. The reeds appeared to be the same as the professional 36 as is the rest of the mechanism. The mouth piece post is thicker and has a tappered base as the professional 36 has no post. Unlike the Piano 36 where the post is thin and weak, this is where they usually break. I do not have a decent scale to measure the weight of each but the Solist seams to be weigh a little more than the Professional 36. No logo of the Hohner man playing the accordion and only the words “Made in Germany”. In general they are not at all the same. I have attached a site where pictures have been posted. Enjoy
Monsters of Melodica.

By the way, I have been tracking the arrival of the ultra rare Hohner Electra Melodica, and if all the planets align in the proper position it should hit my door step in the next day or so.

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