Reply To: Hohner history

Bruno Travi

Alan, in the link “Historical images” I’ll be adding information.
Today I added a “50 Years Melodica” brochure dated 2009, which show models that were available at that time. I have also added a list price of february 1969.

I’ve had two Piano 36 of the last version (lower black plate without brightness, opaque / black box with a button and white logo on the right side) both had a lot gray oxide in the reeds (I suspect it was because of the change of the reeds material before out from the market)
This gray oxide have not seen in my others Piano36s 20 years ago version.

When I have a free time I like to travel to Trossinger and find information about the Hohner Solista, Silvertone and Hohner acordina… also I need a deserved rest 🙂

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