Reply To: Hohner history

Alan Brinton

Thanks. I should have thought to try that, as my photo softwares also do that.

So this is a big discovery, that the Piano 36 was still being produced so recently. I will keep an eye out on eBay for a Piano 36 with the grey case. Maybe they were just making these recent ones for a few musicians associated with Hohner. We know they made special melodicas for the Hooters.

It looks now, from your data and other information I have been collecting, as though Hohner continued to make selected models (Piano 26, 27, 32, and 36) in Germany after shifting the rest of Melodica production to China. But then, if I’m thinking correctly, after 2011 they stopped production of these models in Germany, so that all Hohner melodicas are now made in China. This would be a smart business decision, I guess, since there is so much more enthusiasm in the marketplace for the Airboard and Fire models.

Your research is really helping to bring this picture into focus, Bruno. You da man!

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