Reply To: Hohner history

Alan Brinton

Good work, Bruno. It’s hard to believe that the Piano 36 was still in production in 2010. The production photos seem to me to show the HM (Piano) 26 or 27, an HM (Piano) 32, models that apparently ceased production around 2011 and a 36 or 37 key model (2 photos with the woman in blue and white). If that’s a Piano 36, it’s surprising that all the used Piano 36 models we find are pretty old. I know that some Internet stores advertise the Piano 36 and even the Professional 36 as if they were still available though they’re always “out of stock”.

Hohner advertised a microphone pickup for the Professional 36 and for the Basso in 1964, so we can assume those Hohner models were already on the market by then. The first old-style Hohner Piano 26 appeared in 1961; so they were moving on to a professional level melodica pretty quickly.

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