Reply To: Hammond Suzuki 44 vs 44HP


Hello Bruno, I really like them both equal, and they both sound different. Looking at the list of your melodicas you have, (Good combination) they all sound different. I would say that the Hammond 44 has a sound unlike the ones you have listed as where the Hyper would have a sound closer to your Suzuki, not the same but closer. Yet I prefer the Hyper over the M37C and PD37. If you wanted to add a different tone I would go with the 44 to add to your sound palate. During recording sessions I find that the Hyper has been more useful in general than the 44 and the sound can be changed easier with EQ to fit what I need. I love the tone the Hyper has in our recording of “Spain” and love the sound of the 44 on “Sugar”, listen to both and see what you think. Also I would play it safe and buy them both LOL, just joking or am I 😉
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