Reply To: Hohner Silvertone made in Italy?

Alan Brinton

Sorry I missed this earlier. The Suzuki B-24 has tapered reeds, probably the same as the Hammond 24. The Suzuki Pro-37v2 has tapered reeds. No other Suzukis or Yamahas that I have examined have them, including the Suzuki M-37C. I gave my Pro-37v2 away because I liked the M-37C better. Fortunately, I did make (though didn’t record) comparisons. The M-37C has a very bright, edgy sound that I do not like as well as the slightly mellower M-32C and is very loud. The sound of the Pro-37v2 was even brighter and edgier, harsh and ringy to my ear.

I’m not sure why when I posted photos of the M-37C earlier, I didn’t take some of the reeds, but I just took some, which I’ll now post.

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