Reply To: Closest to accordion


Fortunately, as I’m dealing with pro audio processing, I have a studio level equipment so I can evaluate things in the best way possible. Indeed, low quality videos performed lossy compression to the data, so publishing YouTube videos lower than 480p really harms quality, but 720p and above sounds good (equivalent to mp3 320kbps@44kHz).
Anyway, I’m experienced enough to expect the loss of quality, and to build the full picture in my head.

By the way there are numerous methods I’m using in order to make mastering works that will sound the best also on portable devices with small, low quality headphones, without compromising terrific sound quality on hi-fi equipment.

I hope to hold as few instruments that I do not like, or else the metaphoric question ‘how many melodicas can I hold without my wife noticing that?’ will come to live 🙂 I certainly agree, the musician makes the instrument; any instrument.

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