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Lowboy – that is TERRIFIC! Thank you so much for this post.

Considering the musical taste, it seems that (at least through what I understood from your post) we’re seeking for roughly the same thing; this is why I started by comparing the P37D with Angel Melodyhorn 37 (which sounded much darker on every video that I found); I also found an “Excalibur 37 Note Pro Artist Series” video (see on youtube) which did seemed like over-EQed to be true.

I will obviously take your advice of not keeping an instrument which doesn’t meet my taste. I ordered my Yamaha (on its way) from a Japanese seller via Amazon, therefore I guess that returning will be possible, if needed.

As the for the sound of the Suzuki’s on Jacob Venndt’s video, I must say that you do put a very nice light on a big dilemma that I had. I found a video comparing the Hohner, Yamaha and Suzuki 37 side by side (on a table), in which the Suzuki sounded too bright for me. Also in Daren’s 13 melodicas video, the Suzuki sounded brighter than the rest.
Then I found Jacob’s video, and all of a sudden the Suzuki’s were playing dark like an accordion.. You can understand why I got myself confused.
Your beautiful post compared the Suzuki 37 Pro with the Yamaha 32; will the same work for the 37?

This is a very helpful post, and I really appreciate your inputs. Yes everyone’s taste is different, but in a situation where I don’t have the privilege of performing a side-by-side test, I must try and get as much info as I can so I can try and build an almost audible picture in my head.


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