Reply To: Closest to accordion


Melodica-Me, when saying ‘volume’ I was referring to the ability of creating fine differences. I.e., with my currently owned Swan, there’s a bottom volume limit which I can’t start the reed below; after getting the note running, I can make small changes. This is an example of a big ‘dynamics’ bug of the instrument.

As for tone, I think that you took me to the wrong direction. Yes, EQ and every other effects can be nice (I’m also in the pro audio business, doing commercial mastering works, so I know a thing or two about that), but I’m basically referring to the acoustic sound of the instrument, free to air. This is the basics as in any other acoustic instrument. I’m also focusing mostly on the single note sound, rather than multi-note relative effects. If a single note sounds terrific, so will a chord of any kind.

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