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Odor, Volume is easy to control, tone is much different, if you use a pickup and effects like chorus, reverb, and EQ, the tone can be manipulated. As in any instrument the quality of sound producing element in this case the reeds will determine te quality of the tone, as they are on your piano, a guitar, or a basic Reed on the saxophone. It all comes down to the quality and the tone you want to produce. I tend to get more of an accordion sound when played in chord thirds, gifts with octave and fourths. The tuning off by a cent in the octave works for me to thicken up the sound. Trial and error is the only way to find the sound you are looking for. In the Monsters of Melodica recording of “Spain” (see You Tube) or members recording and you can here it there, you can here a lot of accordion type sounds in the solo. I am using a Hammond Hyper with a little chorus and plate reverb. Again this is a $400-$650 melodion depending where you but it, not cheap but going to record with a melodica that does not have the final quality or response needed well makes no sense. Work with your Swan melodica and see what you feel lacks for your needs and work your way to the sound you like. I have a good selection and use them all, I do not own a Swan so I can not help you with the sound or direction on how to EQ. I do not own a Yamaha P37 but have heard it many times and the tone is very good as a entry level for someone with the ability to play it from the start. In other words as a piano player you will probably make it sing.

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