Reply To: Closest to accordion


Thank you Melodica-Me.
When I said ‘dynamics’ I was referring to the ability to control the nature of tone and volume the played notes, as I can easily do on my piano – and expected that from a wind instrument.
When considering tuning, do you refer to playing chords / octaves as the way to get ‘accordion like’ sound, or do you get accompanying overtones from other reeds (even if not played) when playing single notes?

I hope to get an instrument which allows me to produce a variety of tones, just as every piano I get in my concerts can get me a huge range of different sounds, matching different musical pieces.

Can I conclude from your saying that the sound difference between different high-cost (high quality) melodicas is bigger than the sound difference between different low cost (say even pro stuff) instruments?
I know that it’s hard to evaluate ‘sound difference’ (I don’t know of any formal way of defining it), but I guess that it’s something that we can agree on even without a formal definition.

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