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Same design, no huge difference, but taking into considerations such video as the ’13 melodicas’ you recorded (assuming that you used roughly the same recording distance and the same setup), it seems that the sound difference can indeed be huge.
I guess that it mainly depends on the material of the reeds (for basic sound and responsiveness), and on the melodica’s design and package for the final sound (acoustics).

It seems that the ‘accordion sound’ is in fact the ‘holy grail’ of melodicas, therefore I feel that I should apologize for my first message ‘requiring’ that for my needs; I thought that there are main sound families which are common (more or less), trying to point on the one which matches my needs. I didn’t know that I was asking for the best-discontinued-hard to find models.

I’ll set my order for the Yamaha now (don’t let my German grand hear that.. 🙂 ). Worst case, I can always sell it if I won’t like it (no one import that in my country) for at least the price that I spent.
I’m extremely happy with what I’m able to do with my (pardon my french) Swan 37 melodica, which I own for roughly a week; I can only imagine what I will be able to do with a pro instrument..

Thank you for everything! for assisting, for the videos, and for this terrific website!
I promise to post more details on the Swan soon (pictures, exact weight) to enhance the review database.

By the way- left hand piano + right hand melodica works terrific together; I’ll post a video soon.

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