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Note about something that I wrote before: when I claimed that I dislike Hohner’s sound, while I was only referring to the modern available models, all of them.

As for the comparison between the Yamaha’s and the Angel’s sound, you raised an important point: do you say that the Yamaha has ‘more’ into its sound than the Angel (as if it can be reduced to the Angel’s by an EQ)? If so, then I’ll probably go for the Yamaha; I was afraid that it has less low freq sound components, therefore a totally different creature.
I noticed that you are the one playing on the 13 melodicas video; can you comment on the other aspects of playing these two? i.e. sound responsiveness (dynamics and so); didn’t find that on other reviews.

Seems like the common thing for all your list items is that they are discontinued? 🙁
(and I won’t put >2000$ on the Vibrandoneon, even if available..)
By saying accordion-style reeds do you refer to single reeds? (meaning single reeds is always accordion style reeds)

That said, I guess that I’ll get myself one of the two (Y/A), and in the background look for my Hohner Pro36, which its sound I really liked.

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