Reply To: Hohner Professional 36 internal adhesive/sealant


Shannon, when you opened your pro 36 did you recall how the reed plates were attached? Screws or just adhesive. Would you say that the reed plate is the same as the piano 36? Or a completely different type of reed plate. We’re the plates steel or bronze? Your professional 36 has really got my attention here. Just throwing this out there, do you think that someone may have replaced the single reeds with piano 36 plates?.

If anyone else has a Professional 36 that has the same set up I would really like to see and hear it. I would like to add one to my Hohner collection. I am also looking for basso 24L (left handed Basso Melodica’s)

I am sure I will hear from Alan on this illness of mine LOl

Daren, wow what about a selling, trading or parts section on the site?


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