Reply To: Hohner Silvertone made in Italy?

Alan Brinton

Okay, I took my Silvertone apart and am ready to post some photos. First, though, I know there has been a 25 key Silvertone for sale that identifies it as a Hohner and shows a Hohner brochure. I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that is a misidentification. The Silvertones were made in Italy, they are unlike any Hohner model, and there does not appear to be any other evidence of a Hohner connection. Silvertone’s instrument was called the Orgamonica, and it was made during the 1960s, when Hohner was busy making its own innovative models. Here is my 34 key Silvertone Orgamonica, with a photo of its original owner in the background.!i=3838184753&k=hqZkWPq&lb=1&s=A

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo before disassembly. The reed chamber of the Silvertone is the entire inside open space, and it is a fair description of the instrument to say that it is, for all practical purposes, glued together. Taking it apart breaks the seal. I had to pry it open (in the interest of science) to find out what’s inside, and it will be very hard to put back together with any confidence that it has a good seal. For this photo I seated the keyboard back in its metal shell, which I believe is aluminum.!i=3838184870&k=bBXFtch&lb=1&s=A!i=3838184976&k=NRWjCtd&lb=1&s=A

Each reed of the Silvertone sits on its own plate, with each plate riveted and glued to the plastic face on which they sit. There are signs of some of the reeds having been tuned, at the factory I suppose. A closer look:!i=3838185184&k=b96pjST

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