Reply To: Hohner Silvertone made in Italy?

Alan Brinton

Yes, the one I got is unplayable, Adam, and it appears to be unrepairable, at least by me. But that’s what I expected. I’ll get around to taking it apart before too long and see what’s up inside, and then I can compare with the Clavietta. The Clavietta is ingeniously designed, but had some features that make it susceptible to breaking down, for example the rubber washers. Consequently, they are often in poor condition and in need of repair. So they were well designed/engineered in one sense but not in another. From what Melodica-Me says about the Professional-36, the same is true of that. From what I’ve been able to learn, the Silvertone was made during the 1960s in Italy, so it seems likely it would have been influenced by the Clavietta.

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