Reply To: Hohner Melodica, classic versus new


Hi Bruno:

It is on my to do list.

Interest in the melodica is picking up it seems. If Hohner were to build the right types and right sounding professional melodicas for several genres of music, I think they would make lots of money.

People are spending 100 to 200+ dollars on single vintage melodica, not because they are vintage, because they sound good.

If Hohner built a professional melodica with all the right features to make it as expressive as a blues harp, keyboardists every where would be buying one. [Get ready, long sentence coming.] Keyboardists who want to bring a “real” (not synthesized) new sound to their bands, but who don’t want to spend several years developing the incredibly complex harp techniques required to play the harp well, would be buying keyboard harmonicas by the thousands if Hohner came out with a model with the sound holes on the back and the ability to easily bend notes.

Give me thin reeds or whatever it takes to bend notes. Let me bend reeds and break them every month. Then make million of dollars selling me reed plates. I would eat that up.

I find it hard to believe Hohner does not recognize this opportunity or is not taking action on it.



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